Description of the material

The inner part of Tycroc FXL and FXW building board is extruded polystyrene foam (XPS foam). To ensure the stiffness and durability of the board, its waterproof foam core is covered with a layer of polymer cement mortar, on top of which there is a fiberglass mesh followed by another layer of polymer cement mortar. This surface is ready to be tiled.


Place of use and characteristics of the product

Tycroc FXL or FXW building board is designed for building rounded shower cabins, convex steam sauna ceilings, walls and benches and is an ideal solution for such types of projects. Grooves cut by the manufacturer into the building board are specially meant for building rounded surfaces. The grooves are not cut through the whole building board, which means that all good hydrophobic characteristics of the Tycroc TWP board will last, the product is water-resistant and additional waterproofing is not needed. Our selection includes Tycroc FXL board with lengthwise grooves and Tycroc FXW board with widthwise grooves. Additional grooves can be cut either to achieve a smaller radius or, for example, to build two-sided convexity.


Detailed installation instructions on the page Installation instructions.