Description of the material

Similar to the Tycroc TWP building board, it is a hydrophobic solution that does not require additional waterproofing. The extruded polystyrene foam has slopes towards the drain to ensure the proper drainage of water. The water-resistant foam core is covered with a layer of polymer cement mortar, on top of which there is a fiberglass mesh followed by another layer of polymer cement mortar. The set also includes a drain trap. Our selection includes models, both with a common and linear drain body.

Shower bases with point drainage

Shower bases with linear drainage

Shower base without drainage


Tycroc shower base without drainage enables to use a desirable drain, installing it to the shower base centre.

Tile slopes towards the centre 1:50.

Single slope board

Tycroc single slope board can be used for extending the floor slope outside the shower cabin or use it as shower base with desirable drain. The board can also be used on balcony floors, ensuring waterproofness and the required slope of the floor.

Tile slope within 1500 mm is 1:100.

Characteristics and advantages

The complete Tycroc waterproofing system should definitely include the shower base. When using our shower base, there will be no need to make floor slopes: in comparison to concrete casting, our solution saves space and is much lighter. Floor heating cables can be placed right on top of Tycroc products.

Place of use

Tycroc shower bases are a specifically developed solution for covering the base of shower corners and cabins. Tycroc shower bases and drainages can be used also in other places, i.e. in steam saunas. There is no need to make a separate slope in the floor, the Tycroc shower bases can be installed onto every surface, and the only essential thing is the right location for drainage.

  1. Tycroc TWP building board
  2. Waterproofing tape and membrane
  3. Wall- or floortile
  4. Tile adhesive
  5. Tycroc stainless screw + Tycroc stainless washer
  1. Wooden surface
  2. Beam
  3. Tycroc shower base
  4. Tycroc drainage
  5. Tycroc Premium Fix adhesive sealant

Detailed installation instructions on the page Installation instructions.