Our aim is to offer a complete solution for radiant heating and cooling and that is why we have expanded our product range. In addition to the Tycroc UHP underfloor heating panels, we also offer PE-RT 5-layer heating pipes and modular manifolds made of composite material, specially designed for both – heating and cooling. Several certificates, national guidelines and compliance with European standards confirms the high quality of our new products. With a long experience, our production facilities are located in Germany, Austria and Italy.

Tycroc PERT pipe

Tycroc PERT 5-layer pipes are made of the high-performance material PE-RT. Tycroc PERT pipe is an oxygen-tight composite pipe that consists of 5 layers. The base pipe and the outer layer are made of PE-RT and thus enclose the sensitive EVOH layer. In order to ensure an inseparable connection of the materials, they are firmly fused together by layers of adhesive polymer. The result is a high quality, highly flexible pipe with a securely protected oxygen barrier layer to ensure a long service life of the pipe (50 years warranty).

Tycroc PERT pipes are mainly used for floor heating – both, on Tycroc UHP underfloor heating panels and on concrete or gypsum floors. Other main applications include cooling ceilings and floors, as well as heating ceilings and walls.


Tycroc PERT  5-layer pipes are produced according to the international standards DIN ISO 22391 / DIN ISO 24033 / DIN ISO 21003 / DIN 16833. In addition, according to the national standards BRL 5602, BRL 5607 and the SKZ guidelines HR 3.16. The oxygen tightness is determined according to ISO 17455 and DIN EN ISO 291 and fulfils the requirements according to DIN 4726, BRL 5602 and BRL 5607. The production and product monitoring is carried out by KIWA N.V. and SKZ Würzburg. The pipes meet the requirements of ISO 10508 (class 5) 6 bar.

For our pipes we provide 50 years warranty, included first 10 years with insurance protection up to 5 million euros to compensate all costs of damages and any subsequent connected damages, caused by us, due to the use of defective product.


Tycroc TSL manifold underfloor heating / cooling

Tycroc TSL modular composite manifold is lightweight, modern and robust made of reinforced polyamide. The easiest way to assemble a manifold – SCREW & LOCK solution. Ideal for heating and cooling.

The manifold is modular to be easily adapted to the length and number of connections they serve. The modification does not involve the use of special tools and can be done on site by simply locking or unlocking the individual modules of the manifold.

The pre-assembled modular manifold Tycroc TSL5 including:

  • 5 x 3/4″ flow modules and 5 x 3/4″ return modules with flowmeters and micrometric flro regulators included
  • 2 x 1¼” main connection modules
  • main flow and return thermometers 0-60°C
  • manual air vent
  • load/drain cock
  • room labels and clips
  • wall fixing brackets

The pre-assembled modular manifold Tycroc TSL2 including:

  • 2 x 3/4″ flow modules and 2 x 3/4″ return modules with flowmeters and micrometric flro regulators included
  • 2 x 1¼” main connection modules
  • main flow and return thermometers 0-60°C
  • manual air vent
  • load/drain cock
  • room labels and clips
  • wall fixing brackets

TSL1 single modules for Tycroc TSL manifold:​

  • 1 x 3/4″ flow module and 1 x 3/4″ return module


  • lightweight and robust manifold made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide
  • the easiest way to assemble a manifold – just screw and lock
  • ideal for heating and cooling
  • installation without special tools
  • modular – possibility to add and remove single modules
  • integrated safety clips to assemble the manifold
  • self-insulating through integrated air chambers
  • internal insulated pipe outlets
  • all modules are sealed by double internal O-rings
  • 100% tightness test
  • reversible – main connection left or right as desired on installation site
  • modules turnable up and down
  • room labeling and clips
  • wall fixing brackets
  • ready to connect and operate

Tycroc TSL valves with handles

Set of straight outlet valves, made of nickel-plated brass, with 1”  F main connection and 1 ¼” swivel nut to connect the TSL manifold.

  • each valve with handle (red/blue) to open and close the valve
  • L=60 mm

Tycroc TSA actuator

Electric actuator, ON-OFF type, to be mounted on the fluid shut-off valve for heating and cooling systems. 

  • NC (normally closed)
  • 230V or 24V for heating and cooling
  • ON-OFF indicator
  • M30x1,5

Tycroc TCA compression adapter

Brass compression adapter for plastic-pipes, 3/4″ Euro,  nickel-plated connector nut.


Tycroc PBS 90° plastic bend support

Impact resistant plastic bend support to fix PE-RT/PEX pipe 90°.

Detailed installation instructions on the page Installation instructions.