...Frequently Asked Questions

There are two key words: speed and reliability of the work performed! With Tycroc TWP building board, we offer a solution, simplifying work, saving working time and money, as well as providing a significantly greater reliability in water- and moisture-proofing of the rooms.

Tycroc products can be bought from the following construction stores and construction store chains: PARTNERS

Yes, of course. If one does not use the grooved Tycroc FX building board, the grooves can be cut to build rounded surfaces. Additional grooves may also be cut to the grooved board to achieve smaller radius. The best way to cut grooves is either by plaster knife or circular saw.

The adhesive sealant needs 24 hours to dry completely, but tiling can be started immediately for the tile adhesive does not prevent the further drying of the sealant or change its adhesive properties. There may anyhow be some minutes between finishing one stage of work and starting another and this time is sufficient for the sealant to develop a film. The sealant is immediately fully water- and moisture resistant.

As our adhesive sealant is very elastic (1MPa) and extends up to 250% by breaking, normal sinking and movement of the structure do not jeopardize the water-tightness of the gaps and corners. One advantage of the sealant is its elasticity and suitability for buildings with wooden framework.

The products are packed in cardboard boxes and there are generally 10 boards in a box, i.e. when the dimensions of a board are 2500 x 600 mm, there is 15 m² of Tycroc building boards in one package. One package weighs between 40-60 kg, thus it is possible to lift and transport the products by package. Tycroc UHP is inside plastic bag, 10pcs/bag and total weight is only 7,6kg.